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The Population in Burgos


Burgos´s population is concentrated in three main urban centres:
Burgos, Miranda de Ebro and Aranda de Duero.

The last census on the 1st of January 2008 showed Burgos to have a total of 373,672 inhabitants, of which 49% are woman. 249,928 of these inhabitants are concentrated in the three major urban centres and 33% in the surrounding areas. The population density is 26.14 inhabitants per km².

Burgos is one of the most dynamic counties in Castile and Leon. Its population growth is at 9.2 % whilst the regional average doesn't reach 4%.

This population growth is due mainly to immigration; the foreign population has grown to 29.5% compared to previous years. It has been the towns with more than 2000 population that have seen the biggest growth.

The population in Burgos is predicted to grow until 2018.

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